Please Don’t Break Down



This is Betty White. This is not the person Betty White. If it was, I’m sure she’d crack a joke about us riding her. My dear old nearly dead 1989 Toyota Corolla that I drove since the day I got my license was just not cutting it anymore. If my boyfriend and I wanted to travel longer than two hours away, we’d have to seriously think about the possibility of treking to a service station as well as planning a stop or two so he could get out and stretch. So the old Toyota (I sadly never named her, but I think it’s a she as she was shy about looking under her hood) reunited with Mom as her work car, and we adopted Betty into our lives. She had lived a pretty quiet life since we got her, going to Sonora and back a few times and tripping to Point Reyes National Seashore.

My biggest break from work landed in the end of June this year, and we prepared for a long road trip to Yellowstone National Park. She needed to stretch her legs, and I needed to stretch mine. I love a good road trip, and being able to do it without the high probability of getting stranded on the side of the road was a new feeling. Leaving a little bit to chance and planning a hell of a lot, we set out.