Current Plans

Researching and making lists is one of my favorite things to do. I’m guilty of tearing off a post it note to redo it because I’ve spelled something wrong, or put things out of order. I have a fear that I will drop my post it, with my list of needed groceries, in Safeway, and that someone will find it, laugh at my misspelling and post it on the internet for all to enjoy. My mother’s top two list blunders are “Vodak” (vodka) and “Scones” (sconces). Judge me all you want on my list of tampons, gatorade powder and highlighters. I don’t want someone judging my list making.

Dale and I are going camping in a few weeks. We’re making stops in Pinnacles National Park (the newest in the park system) and Joshua Tree National Park. With a stop at Hearst Castle on the way back, I’m excited to get out of the city for a bit and get some fresh air, a little history, and a sense of the trip Dale and I were unable to take because I didn’t reach my Kickstarter goal. When I get back, I hope to have 20-30 pinhole images to develop and scan.

I’m going to my parents this weekend for a visit. The weather suddenly turned winter-like last week. The last time I was at my parents was mid-Augst, it was 90 degrees. Last Sunday, it snowed. Mom and I will work on my upgraded pinhole camera that I want to take on the Pinnacles/Joshua Tree trip. In my previous model, I neglected a ridge to rest my film carrier on while shooting horizontally. I’ll be using my previous foam-core model as reference, and I’ll be using a lighter wood. Hopefully I can fashion a movable felt cover/lever to use as a shutter instead of the cork piece I’ve been using.


I’ve been to Joshua Tree once before, about seven years ago (holy crap, that long ago) with my friend Jessica. At the time, we were just getting to know each other better and this was the trip where we realized we were good old-fashioned soul mates and we loved camping together. I was so scared earlier this year camping with Dale for the first time because I was so used to camping with Jessica. If Dale and I weren’t camp-compatible I didn’t know what we would do (we are, no worries). Our trip seven years ago was structured around some night photography that I wanted to do for a landscape class. The images I got are still some of my favorite. I wish I had a Hasselblad to take again. This time I’ll be taking an old film camera for some black and white shooting. I’ll develop it at the photo center when I get back.

Let’s hope it’s not raining hard, that more roads are open, and that I can shoot to my hearts content.