Notes from Day 7 – July 1

IMG_2255We saw wildlife

From afar

Until we hit them

With our car

Slow Down!

This morning we left Yellowstone National Park. Packing up the campsite was pretty efficient. There is definitely a lot less food in the car, and there was tons of space in the ice chest for random things. I’m sitting in the back seat of our car now with tons more space than I had when we stopped for groceries in Bozeman. I’ve got more leg space here than on a plane!

We said goodbye to Yellowstone and drove through the Rockafeller National Forest. The lady at the Flagg Ranch outpost was lovely and recommended the Leek’s Marina pizza place for lunch. We started into Grand Tetons National Park and stopped to eat. The place sits rights on the water and has great pizza and a good selection of beers on tap. Their music they played was right up my alley. The employees and some customers started signing when a song came on. It kills me that I can’t remember it right now. Dale and Jessica are also having brain farts. It might have been I’ve Had the Time of my Life. Either way, Electric Avenue and Tainted Love bookended it, and well, I’m impressed. We stopped quickly in Coulter Bay for stickers, postcards and to stamp Betty’s passport.


Coming up were two of my required stops for the day. After driving around Yellowstone for four days, I was surprised as how quickly we got through the park. I got one inspiration stop at the Snake River Overlook, setting for one of my favorite Ansel Adams photographs. There was the first time in a while I had signal and could get some information on my phone. Dale’s phone also picked up 4G and he was able to check his email to find out his GoToddle app was OK’d by the Apple Store and is now available for purchase!



A short car ride later and we took a turn off the main road to Mormon’s Row to see the Moulton Barn. You’d be hard pressed to be a photo student or a barn enthusiast or a collector of calendars to have never seen this barn before. I’ve probably spent 10 hours of my life staring at digital files of this barn. It is the generic landscape photograph, with fields, flowers, buildings, all standing before the majestic majesty of the purple tetons on the background. We had to drive through some bison to get there and I got a hilarious shot of a bison crossing the road in front of us, while Jessica’s scared face is reflected in the rear view mirror.


Before stopping in Jackson (not to be confused with Jackson Hole, the conceptual valley this all is in) we thought we might stop at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. At $12 a piece, I had to balk, but maybe for some next trip. The building it was in was spectacular, in the architects concept of building it from the local rock and having it blend in with the hillside. It looks like an outcropping on a hillside that has been there for years.

DQ was an awesome stop in Jackson for our brainstorming session on where to stop and how far to go the rest of the day. I sit in the car now on our way to Provo, UT. I like mixing Provo, Parvo and Provolone together in my mind. A dog with Parvo eating Provolone in Provo. Something Meta like that.


Zion is looking hot and dusty right now, but Vegas looks pretty nice. I’m in need of a Martini at the Chandelier Bar. This air conditioning in the car is nice, but it’s wreaking havoc on my lips and nose, in addition to the pollen festival that was happening in Yellowstone.


Wyoming is  really growing on me. We’re finally in towns that look populated with America than tourists. We just passed under the worlds largest elkhorn arch in afton. These are towns with old signs old buildings and posters for the Barnum and baileys circus. Stuff here is “yumbelievable”…the LDS churches look the same yet different.

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