Hike & Hayden Valley

Woke up this morning around 7:30am. Slept well considering the temperature (probably around 43 degrees). The new sleeping bag worked well. I was able to turn around in it, and stay pretty warm throughout the night. Sometime in the night I woke up with what I call “different temperature feet.” I’m certain I don’t want to call them cold, because I know what cold feet feel like, but they were just slightly cooler than the rest of my legs. I pulled off my socks and rubbed my feet a bit. I put the socks back on and pulled down my long johns to cover my socks. I guess that’s the advantage of having not yet hemmed them. I still can chuckle about my bad joke last night when I said they were so long I could probably pull them over my feet and tie them in a knot like Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump. Jessica got up right after me, and we got to making the coffee. At 9:30 or so we made breakfast burritos with the leftover lentils, eggs and slices of american cheese. It was nice to have something warm in our bellies to start the day. We’ve planned a hike to Cascade Lake nearby. We didn’t even want to get into the car to go to a trailhead. I’m ready to get dressed and start cleaning up breakfast messes.

Our hike to cascade lake was beautiful.


We got to the lake and in our moment of departure saw our first bison over the hill. Jessica also spotted an elk. We played a good few round of 20 questions and Dale had a good stumper with “cowpie”. We stopped in canyon village for ice cream and coffee.

Jessica and I took showers when we got back to camp. The showers at the campground are nice. There is a desk in front if the entrance where they also sell snacks and stuff next to all the laundry facilities.
I felt antsy to go and do more so I convinced dale and Jessica to go for a drive.
_MG_2222We went through Hayden valley to the mud volcano and saw the Dragons Mouth. On the way back up the road we stopped for more pictures and I was asked about my camera by a man who wanted to see my website. This is great advertising but my gosh I never thought people would be interested in what I was doing.

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