Hands at Two and Ten

We set out on a Tuesday morning after squishing all of our equipment into the car. The foggy San Francisco June morning had starting releasing its moisture and the mist had turned into rain.

This isn’t what we planned. We also hadn’t really planned on this much stuff. There were a few things left behind such as Mr. Fuzzy (Dale’s faux fur Burning Man blanket) and my REI folding seat. We still had all of Jessica’s stuff to cram into Betty, and we didn’t want to be totally overloaded. Dale is the only one tall enough to get all the things into the roof rack holder and close it. I appreciate having a little extra space to expand into, like an empty shelf or drawer, or in the case of Betty, a place to put my feet. We armed ourselves with the final dredges of coffee and set out from Benicia.


I drove to Winnemucca, where we stopped on Potato Road. I was finally able to play with my phone and take some pictures.

IMG_2100IMG_2104After dinner in Elko, Nevada, I squeezed into the backseat so I could poke at Jessica should she fall asleep driving through the Bonneville Salt Flats.

IMG_2128I kept awake with Car Bingo, but when you’re in the middle of a salt flat, there’s not many things you can check off.


We rolled into our hotel an hour later than thought (thanks, Mountain Time) and I fell asleep to an old episode of Friends.

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